Lessons from the road

Choir tour has ended, and I’m not gonna lie, it was long and tireing but fun. We didn’t get to sightsee as much as last year, but I felt close with many of the girls which was nice this time. Over the two weeks I spent many different nights at different homes, which I was dreading at first. I thought it was pretty sketch staying in people’s homes that you don’t know, but actually my eyes were opened to the love that should be displayed in the body of Christ. We as a choir perform, bringing a time of music where people can be (hopefully) pointed to God. Then the church that was (hopefully) blessed, provides us with dinner and puts us up for the night, pairing us all up with families from the church. From the church background I’ve grown up with this is not seen too often, but I see that the church should work together to help each other out in ministry and day to day activities.
Getting to know my host families taught me other things too, mainly about love and marriage. Several of the couples were older and had been married for years. The first house was a couple that had been married 52 years. They met in college on a blind date, went out for a year, and got married. They didn’t even go through a real engagment time, but just got married. The next elderly couple I stayed with were 80 years old and had also been married forever. They met through one of his cousins and went rollerskating together on their first date. They got married a few months later and have several kids and grandkids and one new great-grandkid. The last couple I stayed with had been married 34 years, but I didn’t get to hear their love story. It really amazed me that these people could stay together that long. My ideas of love and marriage have been affected by the popular ideas of waiting till your really sure that the other person is “the one”, your definitely out of college, hopefully with each of you having a steady job, etc. These aren’t bad ideas, but through the couples I met, I realized that I just need to relax and allow the Lord to lead me to the “right one”, completely in His timing.

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