“God is the Ocean”

I just recently read this quote from Jonathan Edwards: Human desires are but streams. But God is the ocean.” That really caught my attention since it sounds like something C.S. Lewis would have said and I really like his writings. It reminded me how so often we get caught up with earthly things (problems, people) and how I know I let myself get carried away with dreams of the future and my passions and desires. Yet I know even in these things there is so much more to be found in knowing the God of the universe. He is deep and immense, more than we could ever imagine. And yet in knowing this it makes me scared. It reminds me of when I go to the beach and look out over the Pacific and feel so small and imagine myself underneath the surface and how scary that would be, since its so unknowable from where I’m standing. Yet it is a poor metaphor with God. There is so much we do not know about God, and by faith we dive into knowing Him, which is eternal life. Yet often we do not go deep, or even that far out because it is scary and unknown. We feel we will drown and do not pursue a life of knowledge and adventure. We would rather hang on to our own feeble, earthly dreams, than dive into the deep, immeasurable plans of God and allow them to carry us off into further unknown seas. We would rather “play with mud in slums” than “take a holiday to the sea” because we cannot imagine what that would look like.

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