What Happened??

So…Ive been back from Turkey for a few weeks now and its just so weird. I had a completly new, amazing, different, blessed, strange trip and right away I got back into my life at home. I learned alot and have carried that with me, but I feel like I don’t even remember the trip that much. Sure, I’ve looked at my pictures and told family and friends about what happened but I’ve been so focused on stuff here I just haven’t dwelt on the trip. I think it was partly because I had some mixed feelings when I got back and was having a hard time processing everything I experienced. But its been awhile and I still feel like it was a blur, a dream, or something that happened a long time ago. I guess it makes sense that it feels like a dream since thats what this whole thing called life is, right? Ok too deep Ive got to go to bed now:)

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