This sunday in church we played a hymn for worship which spoke of how great God is and about praising the Lord for saving us. It was written by Fanny Crosby and I was thinking of how it would have been to live during her time and have such a strong faith. It seemed like it would have been easier back then, easier to believe and have simple faith. Life was simpler when there was open land, stars came out at night, and sweet hymns were written. Today it seems so hard. We have our world of technology and science which seems so far removed from the beliefs that we still hold. When I hear about believers who lived before me, I feel connected to them, but it just seems harder in some ways to believe now. It just seems that way, but it really isn’t. I think that God allows each person to have experiences in their lives that lead them to faith, and which keep them believing in the God they can’t see. With the “progress” of today, we grow arrogant and are deceived into thinking that we are the creators of what we have here in this world. I know at times I feel so “educated” and far removed from the ancient and past beliefs. However, I have come to see that I cannot deny the God of the Bible. His ways are true and as I walk on this life journey, I know that God will increase my faith. Not all my questions will be answered in this lifetime. As with the man who approached Jesus to heal his son, I also ask God “to help my unbelief!”

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