How I am not so different from a 16 year old…

8630dba9b1de2bc4a25ff7a4afb06bf9Well,another week down…how many more ’tillThanksgiving break?? I can’t really complain since today was actually pretty good (meaning I had tons of energy and enjoyed my classes, for the most part). I was non-stop all day, but ended with In-n-out 🙂 I knew the day would be golden when I had time to make coffee, drove to work arriving basically on time, playing my cool, indie, IPod tunes all the way. Then, after I ride the elevator up to the second floor (hey, I do bring several bags with me), my principal is waiting on the other side to try to scare me. Good times 🙂 I practically was skipping around with my excitement that it was Friday, I had coffee with my own handmade organic pumpkin spice creamer, and was on top of my preparations. I couldn’t have felt cooler.

Something I’ve learned as a teacher: No matter much of a well-adjusted, young twenty-something adult that you think you are, no matter how cool you feel carrying around coffee awesomeness, listening to indie, hipster music, and dressing in the best Pinterest fashion, at some point of the day working as a high school teacher, you will have a real sense of your uncoolness, possible lameness. This comes at particular moments, maybe while your walking around feeling great, and the rest of your passersby (your high school students) barely utter out a pained “morning.” Ok, definitely not recognizing your coolness. That’s ok, it’s early still. Then you begin a discussion on judicial interpretation of the constitution (who doesn’t love one of those??) and a whole 3 of your students actually acknowledge that you are talking about something. A little discouraging, but it’s just seniors.

Maybe this sense doesn’t come during the day, but at the end, when on a Friday night, your greatest joy is changing into comfy clothes and flopping down on the couch (not to read a good book, like you would have in your pre-teaching days) but just to watch TV, or get out your constant companion MacBook Pro and pin things on Pinterest. The option is up to you, but either way, you’re not doing any thinking tonight. Pretty sure you’re NOT seeing anyone. Definitely NOT going anywhere, and for sure NOT cleaning anything. Nope, not happening.

As much as I like to think of myself as a well-adjusted, mature, twenty-something year old girl of the world, who follows fashion, has a great taste in music, books, coffee, and movies…I really care about being cool. Wow, I might as well be 16 again….Ironic 😉

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