Spring Break, Facebook, and…Politics??

So, one of the many ways in which I am enjoying my spring break is to catch up on the lives of my close (and not so close) friends/family/associates, etc on Facebook. Well, shoot, I’ll be honest, I check up on Facebook nearly every day. But during my spring break from work it feels more freeing. Like, I don’t have to get off after a few minutes to finish up lesson plans, and I can actually take time to respond to people.

However, today I felt like a horrible history teacher when I only grasped the concept of the Supreme Court currently making a decision on gay marriage when I read and observed all the hullabaloo on FB about it. As I was perusing the newsfeed page, I was thinking to myself (why are there all these profile pics with red and pink equal signs??) I guess I can forgive myself given that it is spring break, and well, my mind just isn’t really with it. I also was thoroughly confused with all the reposting of the EXACT SAME Rick Warren quote (a great one, I might add, but I was none the less puzzled as to why it was there).

I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized, “Oh yeah. This is probably to show solidarity for the SC debating the gay marriage issue. And THEN the Rick Warren quote (which I have quoted on the post below) made sense. My conservative friends were challenging the onslaught of my more liberal friends and family’s solidarity.

Nice. Now where did that leave me??

I for one find FB to be a place where I can get all charged up over things that are posted. Today was no different. I definitely could have a few words for those who posted the cute picture of the young kid holding a sign  “love more, hate less.” I mean, the whole idea that all those opposed to gay marriage are hateful, when the comments about those who disagree with the picture veered more towards the hateful, well, the Warren quote really says it best (and was probably viewed by so many that it doesn’t need repeating). Basically, I agree with Warren, but was it my place to add comments to express my disagreement with the faulty logic?

I definitely disagree with the idea of marriage being defined other than between a man and a woman, but I also recognize the conundrum that results from living in a democracy. There is a legal issue here which I think, given the precedents, will end up in favor of gay marriage. I also believe that far too much importance has been placed by the church on keeping the definition of marriage Biblical, when in reality, the definition by America on marriage does not in any way devalue or invalidate the Biblical definition. All things considered, I refrained from commenting on any of those comments because I was thinking, “how will this help?” And furthermore, “should FB be the place to discuss any of this, where it’s not face to face, and I don’t even know the people I’m commenting on?”

Thoughts? Image

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